- I’m from Cyprus and I would like to watch a match. Can I?

A: You are able to watch only specific match if you are watching from Cyprus. Those games will be indicated and you will be able to recognize them before the purchase. You can also find all matches that will be broadcasted in Cyprus on the MATCHES list located on the top of the platform next to FAQ button.

- I would like to watch a match of the ones on your platform. Should I first pay and then choose the game?

A: You should first register for a package which gives you the right to unlock the amount of matches that is written in the specific package of your choice. After you have registered for a package, the amount of matches that you purchased will be added in your account and then you can unlock the match of your choice. If you’re a viewer from Cyprus then you should choose to purchase the package that says: CYPRUS USERS

- I bought the first package the previous week to watch a game today but now I cannot unlock any match from my account. What happened?

A: Every package has specific limited consumption period. The first package has consumption period of 5 days so you are able to unlock any match in our platform in a period of 5 days from the day of purchase.

- I accidentally unlock a match that I do not want to watch instead of the one that I would like to watch. Can you please make me refund?

A: During the process of unlocking a match game there are all necessary warnings and notifications that take care of you to make sure that this is the right match you would like to watch. We can not refund situations of “accidentally” unlocking matches.

- I am not at home or I do not have computer. Can I register to a package, unlock and watch a match on mobile phone or tablet?

A: You should be able to register, unlock and watch a match on most recent smartphones or tablets without any problem.

- I am not able to watch the match I have unlocked. I only see black screen instead of the match. What is the issue? Can you please make me a refund?

A: Please make sure that you have installed the last version of Flash Player or try to watch the match from different web browser or different computer. In those cases, we will investigate the situation. If the issue is on our side we will make a refund for you otherwise we will not make any refund.

- Why sometimes the live streaming is freezing during the match and what I can do?

A: CFA-TV’s latest technology will make sure that you will view the match purchased with the best quality. Your internet speed indeed is the main key for you to watch a smooth live streaming. Make sure that your internet connection is not busy with other services that consume lot of internet speed so to be able to enjoy your favorite teams match.